Synthetic Enterprise

The SpeedCurve Synthetic Enterprise plan is great for customers doing a lot of testing. The plan starts at 50,000 synthetic checks per month. With an annual cost of $5,400, this is a 10% discount compared to the Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Additional testing can be purchased in blocks of 50,000 checks per month and added to your Synthetic Enterprise plan at anytime.

In addition to these cost savings, the Synthetic Enterprise plan is good for customers who prefer to be invoiced annually, as opposed to a monthly credit card charge. Support requests are guaranteed to be responded to in one business day. And when tests are queued for execution, Synthetic Enterprise plan tests are put at the front of the queue.

Enterprise customers also have the ability to create WebPageTest scripts. Scripts are useful for measuring workflows (login, checkout, etc.)

The plans supports multiple users and multiple teams making it easy to manage costs while giving new teams access to SpeedCurve monitoring for their own projects. Ideal for larger organizations with multiple product teams or agencies with multiple clients.

You can also choose to switch to high CPU test agents which also gives you access to the latest Amazon AWS regions.

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For more than 200,000 checks per month take a look at our Enterprise Platinum Plan.


  • 50,000 synthetic checks per month
  • 10% discount on checks
  • Invoiced annually
  • Prioritized support
  • Higher test priority
  • Ability to add WebPageTest scripts
  • Multiple Users & multiple teams
  • High CPU test agents
  • Learn about Synthetic